Welkom bij MOVES!

MOVES! is the №1 Streetdance/Hip Hop dance school in The Netherlands. 

Moves! is located in 10 different cities throughout the country. MOVES! is all about the latest moves, funky beats, talent development, special events (workshops & masterclasses) and a great vibe with lots of fun.  Our MOVES! instructors are crafted with unique skills & talent to educate their students. Also, they are always up-to-date with the latest dancing styles in the industry. Most of the teachers  have performed in the dancing scene: TV-shows, theatre performances, dance contests in Europe and abroad.

Each dancer will get the chance to develop the skills and talents regardless of their age or dance experience. Everybody is welcome at MOVES!

For the most talented dancers we offer the possibility to join the demoteam and compete in dance battles and perform at events.

Welcome dancer! Feel free to take a trial class. Hit the button to register!

What others say about us

I began dancing at Moves from its very start. I was about 16 back then. Now I am almost 29 and still enjoy visiting Moves to refresh hip-hop movements. MOVES! also organized multiple international workshops and I had the opportunity to get workshops from Justin Timberlake’s choreographer Marty Kudelka and dancer Ivan Koumaev amongst others. Always an amazing vibe and professional environment to dance for fun and improve your skills!


Dancehall and Hip Hop music have always got me moving. Dancing @ Moves gives me the possibility to explore and expand my physical capabilities in dancing and improves my motoric skills in general, while enjoying the coolest tunes and beats! Next to this, it gives me peace of mind.


The school, the teachers and dancers at Moves are great! They all make me feel welcome. I follow the hip-hop lessons given by Daniel and Martin. Daniel teaches in different styles and tries to bring the class to the next level, which is working. I see and feel progress in my movements. Hip-hop classes let me get more confidence and love for hip-hop and the different styles within it.


Dancing  always keeps me on the move. There are many different dance styles at MOVES! which you can try. I like that! For example, dancehall classes by Denise are very creative and Daniel’s lessons are very diverse. That’s why I come back every week!


For me dancing is equal to freedom. When I dance I feel free to express myself and on top of that it frees my mind. (Moreover dancing is a way to connect with people who share the same passion). Dancing is my favorite way of working out and thanks to the intensive warming-ups I get to work on cardio, stretching, and do exercises focused on the abdominals, butt & arms. But most importantly, how my favorite teacher Channah Hewitt always emphasizes, dancing is FUN! Therefore I always look forward to her dancehall class at the professional dance school Moves.


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